Morgan Freeman wears his earrings because they are just worth enough to pay for a coffin in case he dies in a strange place.

Morgan Freeman: “Strive for pleasure and peace”

Mr. Freeman, aren’t you tired of working all the time?

I’m not digging tunnels, I’m not building buildings. My work is not hard, my work is refreshing, my work is pleasant. The more the better. Lying around and getting no job is debilitating.

It’s been a long time since you were unemployed… Do you even remember the last time you were looking for work?

I had a lot of bad jobs, but I think the worst was working at a food place. Just before that I had been working in an office as a clerk. I wanted more money but they refused. Then I auditioned for a show as a dancer, I got the job, and I quit my office job immediately. The bad thing was that my dancing job only lasted for three months and then the show shut down. So I found this jo… Continue Reading