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How Did the British Spies Plan to Turn Hitler into a Woman?

The infamous Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German dictator who started the Second World War when he sent orders to invade Poland. He rose to power as the leader of the Nazi Party. But did you know, that British spies devised a bizarre plan to control Hitler?

In World War II, British spies planned on spiking Hiter’s food with estrogen to make him less aggressive, virtually turning him into a woman. Could they have saved everyone by slipping some hormones in his soup?

How Would the Plan Be Executed?

Several Allies were busy planning schemes to take Adolf Hitler down, but certain plots were more bizarre than expected. Brian Ford, a professor at the Cardiff University, uncovered one of the oddest plans while reviewing declassified documents for his book Secret Weapons: Technology, Science, and the Race to Win World War II.

In the documents, the British spies figured that they could lace Hitler’s food with estrogen, and over time, the hormone would make him less aggressive. The idea behind the plot was to feminize Hitler and make him behave more like his mild-mannered sister, Paula. The British were convinced that hormone-replacement therapy would actually work.

There were agents who would be able to get it into his food. It would have been entirely possible.

Brian Ford, Cardiff University

Sadly, this and several other hair-brained schemes were not put into action. There were different strategies devised. One where they wanted to pour glue on the ground so Nazi troops would stick. Another by disguising bombs in tins of fruit imported to Germany. And even going as far as dropping poisonous snakes on German soldiers. (Source: The Week)

Why Didn’t They Just Poison Him?

Merely placing poison in his food would be useless since Hitler used food tasters. So any substance added to his food or drink that is designed to kill him will take effect on his tasters first. Estrogen, on the other hand, is tasteless and will take effect gradually. This scheme was thought to be less detectable. (Source: The Week)

How Did Adolf Hitler Die?

By 1943, it was evident that Germany was starting to fold under the Allied forces’ pressure. By February of that year, the 6th Army of Germany was lured into the Soviet Union and annihilated at the Battle of Stalingrad. By June 1944, the Western Allies landed at Normandy, France, and pushed backed German troops back to Berlin. By July 1944, German commanders acknowledged their defeat and helped plot against Hitler in order to negotiate a favorable deal once the war was over. Multiple attempts to assassinate Hitler failed.

Adolf Hiter committed suicide on April 30, 1945, in a bunker beneath his headquarters in Berlin. He swallowed a cyanide capsule and shot himself in the head. After this incident, German forces unconditionally surrendered to the Allied forces and ended Hitler’s dream of a thousand-year Reich.

In Hitler’s last will and testament, he appointed Admiral Karl Donitz as head of state and Josef Goebbels as chancellor. A day before committing suicide, Hitler also married his long-time mistress Eva Braun. (Source: History)

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