Austria does not usually allow dual citizenship but they made a special exception for Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1983 when he became U.S. citizen

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (/ˈʃvɑːrtsnɛɡər/;[a] German: [ˈaʁnɔlt ˈʃvaʁtsn̩ˌʔɛɡɐ]; born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian-American actor, businessman, retired professional bodybuilder and former politician who served as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 to 2011. As of 2020, he is the most recent Republican governor of California.

Schwarzenegger began lifting weights at the age of 15, and went on to win the Mr. Universe title at age 20 before winning the Mr. Olympia contest seven times; he remains a prominent presence in bodybuilding and has written many books and … Continue Reading (47 minute read)

13 thoughts on “Austria does not usually allow dual citizenship but they made a special exception for Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1983 when he became U.S. citizen”

  1. no_step

    I was born in Austria and my family emigrated to the US. My brother was then born in the US to Austrian parents.

    When he and I applied for Austrian passports, I was denied and he was approved. Their reasoning was that I renounced my Austrian citizenship when I became a naturalized US citizen, while he never gave up his Austrian citizenship.

  2. _tHeMachinist_

    i was born and live in austria, am austrian citizen, but my parents are from abroad and have dual citizenship, this is really nothing special imo. it’s not allowed officially, yes, but many people do have two passports here

  3. OneSidedDice

    They knew he would be back

  4. Xtrizzle

    I thought I read something in the history books about an Austrian who was also an infamous German Chancellor, but I’m not sure if he had duel citizenship.

  5. stixyBW

    just more proof that arnold is an austrian deep state agent sent to infiltrate hollywood and the california government

  6. 6foot4yearold

    I have my Austrian passport and i was born in Canada. My mom passed her citizenship on to me.

  7. Stonewolf420

    Arnold: I’ll be back

    Austria: Deal!

  8. insaneintheblain

    Celebrities live special lives, while the rest of us are supposed to adore them, for some reason – from our hovels, while desperately working to make ends meet.

  9. gitpusher

    It’s only because he told the Austrian government…. I’LL BE BACK

  10. AsianInvasian93

    What did they do about Hitler’s Austrian citizenship when he ruled Germany?

  11. acid303

    Rules don’t apply to the rich and famous

  12. LiberalDomination

    A different set of rules for the rich and powerful.

  13. datorer

    While this is a neat story, I don’t like the idea that one can get special legal privileges just for being a person of power. This should make you a little uncomfortable.

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