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How Did The Show Byker Grove End?

Byker Grove is a coming-of-age TV series that started in the late 90s. While producers were aiming to have the show run for only six episodes, they lasted for 17 years. And here’s how ended:

The legendary teens’ drama ended up with all the characters becoming aware that they were part of a show with absolutely no free will as they were fending an attack from a dinosaur which ultimately lead them to be blasted off into a void of nothingness.

What Was the Series About?

While the TV show featured kids, Byker Grove was not intended for a younger audience as it tackled controversial subjects like drug addiction, child abuse, teen pregnancy, abortion, homelessness, and even homophobia. Needless to say, it was way ahead of its time.

The story of the first few seasons was centered on Julie Warner who struggles to just to working-class life in New Castle. The show progresses into talking about how bad things happen to good people and how unjust life truly is. (Source: BBC)

What Was The Most Controversial Part About the Series?

In November 1994, the show featured the very first gay kiss on a UK children’s station. The scene caused an outrage and the British Tabloids were eating up the story. The public demanded that Matthew Robinson, the producer of the show, be removed. The BBC did not give in and backed up Robinson instead.

This was a step in the right direction, this eventually led to a countrywide acceptance of gay teenagers and their parents. (Source: BBC)

How Long Did The Show Run For?

The show was originally supposed to run for just six episodes. But with the good reception from the public, the production made a total of 305 episodes in 18 seasons. They broadcasted for 17 years, from 1989 to 2006. (Source: IMDB)

How Did the Show End?

Unlike most shows, Byker Grove ended in a rather unusual way. After 18 years on the air, the show ended in 2006. The episode was entitled Deux Ex Machina. In the finale, the cast realized that they were actually just fictional characters in a TV show. They were at the point where the writers were planning to demolish the Grove.

In the episode, they were given a piece of paper to write down their own ending, but then realize that their world was disappearing into a void of nothingness. They needed someone to buy the show in order to retain it.

They get attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex and one of the characters, Stumpy, finds some buried treasure and uses it to save everyone. But just as soon as they thought they have saved the day, the whole place blows up and presumably kills everyone.

The ending was definitely something different and fans were not happy about it. Calling it the worst ending.

Anyone complaining about the Line of Duty finale should remember that after 18 years Byker Grove ended with all the characters becoming aware they were in a TV show with no free will of their own, fending off a T-Rex attack and ultimately being blasted into a void of nothingness.

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