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Why Did Stein Arvid Huseby Hijack the Braathens SAFE Flight 139?

There have been many hijacking incidents in the past. From the mystery of D.B. Cooper to the tragedy that beset 9/11, terrorists have different reasons for committing the crime. But did you know that the first hijacking incident in Norway occurred for an insignificant reason?

Norway’s first hijacking incident occurred in 1985. The hijacker, Stein Huseby, was an alcoholic who ransomed the plane and its passengers for beer and to make a political statement.

The Hijack of Flight 139

On June 21, 1985, Norway recorded its first hijacking incident. Flight 139 of the Braathens SAFE was scheduled from Trondheim to Oslo. The Boeing-737-205 was flying 116 passengers on that specific flight.

As soon as the plane was airborne, a passenger wearing a business suit and dark sunglasses got off of his seat and proceeded to pull out a pistol. He immediately ordered the nearest flight attendant to report to the pilots about the hijacking that had commenced.

Once the pilots were notified, they radioed ground control in Oslo to report the hijacking. The terrorist proceeded to the back of the plane and quietly took a seat. The aircraft was met with law enforcement upon its landing in Oslo. This is where the terrorist immediately proceeds to the bathroom and threatens that he will detonate the explosives in his possession should his demands not be met.

Once the law enforcement established a dialogue with the terrorist, now known to be a 24-year-old Norweigan Stein Arvid Huseby, his first demand was for the police to give him several cans of beer. Upon questioning Huseby’s motive for hijacking, the terrorist simply stated that he wasn’t satisfied with the state’s attitude towards him.

In the negotiation process, Huseby continuously asked for more beer. In about an hour, the police requested Huseby to release some passengers. He released 70 passengers, and about half an hour later, he released all passengers except the plane’s crew members.

The dialogue continued into the night, with Huseby continuously demanding beer. But when the stock in the plane was depleted, the police bargained that Huseby would exchange his pistol for a replenishment of beer. The drunken terrorist agreed without hesitation. The police immediately captured the already drunk terrorist. (Source: Afrinik)

Why Did Huseby Commit the Crime?

When Huseby was arrested, the law enforcement deemed it necessary to subject him to a psychological examination to understand his motivation. The doctors who examined Huseby concluded that he had a fragile and shattered psyche and a very poor ability to think rationally and make sound decisions. Huseby’s alcoholism brought these about.

It was discovered that Huseby started drinking alcohol as early as at the age of 13. It was also found that the terrorist was subjected to domestic violence regularly. This led him to become an alcoholic by the age of 17 and actually underwent psychiatric treatment in a hospital in Trondheim.

Huseby was found guilty of his crime and was sentenced to 3 years in prison plus strict police supervision for five years after his release. (Source: Afrinik)

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