En 2013, una niña británica de 9 años pasó por la aduana turca con un pasaporte de juguete con ositos de peluche dorados en el frente que la identificaba como un unicornio. Su madre entregó accidentalmente el pasaporte que la niña había hecho para su unicornio de juguete, y el oficial de aduanas lo aceptó y selló.

Una niña del Reino Unido usa el pasaporte falso de su unicornio de juguete para pasar por la aduana turca: informe

Una pareja quedó atónita después de que su hija de nueve años lograra pasar por los agentes de aduanas turcos, con un pasaporte que la identificaba como UNICORNIO.

Y cuando la familia pasó por la aduana en el aeropuerto de Antalya para comenzar sus vacaciones de una semana, la nerviosa mamá Nicky entregó accidentalmente el pasaporte del juguete en lugar del de Emily.

Pero se sorprendieron cuando más tarde se dieron cuenta de su error, y descubrieron que los funcionarios de pasaportes incluso habían SELLADO el pasaporte del unicornio, otorgándole acceso al país.

Nicky, de 43 años, de Cwmbran, Gales del Sur, dijo: “No me di cuenta hasta que guardé los pasaportes. Hubo un momento de pánico cuando pensé que alguien vendría persiguiéndonos, pero nada.

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11 thoughts on “In 2013, a 9 year-old British girl passed through Turkish customs with a toy passport with gold teddy bears on the front that identified her as a unicorn. Her mother accidentally handed over the passport that the girl had made for her toy unicorn, and the customs offіcer accepted and stamped it”

  1. scsm

    What was customs suppose to do? That unicorn had diplomatic immunity.

  2. azert1000

    Why do I never fall on those dudes.
    Every time I end up with the one dude that checks it so throughly it makes me doubt that I have a real passeport

  3. PapaRacoon

    I know at least 6 people who have travel on someone’s else’s passport and had zero issues either outbound or inbound. Happens way more than people think.

  4. Cardshark92

    If I was young enough to have a stuffed animal like this, and I traveled a lot, I would absolutely see how many customs officers I could get to stamp my animal’s passport.

  5. Freakin_Geek

    I had been using my passport for two years without incident when one TSA agent checking me in for a flight said, “I cannot accept this until you sign it,” and handed me a pen. I said, “Oh, wow, I just went in and out of Canada and nobody said anything.” He shook his head and said, “I did not just hear that… I did not.”

  6. cikoxo

    meanwhile I fear for my life doubting my own identity with a perfectly fine passport everytime I go trough customs.

  7. therealJL

    A similar thing happened to my wife and I entering the UK. We had inadvertently swapped passports. No problemo! Stamped and ushered through.

  8. TheDassaultRafale

    Haters will say the guy didn’t take his job seriously and stamped without paying attention.

    Real bro’s will say the guy is wholesome and did it on purpose to make the girl happy.

  9. Eaglejelly

    Build a bear workshops sell passports for the stuffed toys and immigration officers will gladly put a stamp in them when entering a country. My kids have these with many stamps. Immigration officers are humans too.

  10. SpocktorWho83

    I went to the US (from England) with my family when I was a kid and the guy checking the passports in America looked at my passport and said “he looks suspicious”. We chuckled and went to carry on through but the guy said “stop!” and then started questioning me about my identity and where we was going as a family. I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. I didn’t know what to do or say. It was ridiculous.

  11. Goose-rider3000

    A friend of mine accidentally kept his passport in his ski pants pocket for a whole two weeks of skiing. Needless to say, it was a soggy mess when he found it. When he held up his passport up at Canadian passport control, the photo literally fell off. They still let him through though.

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