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How Many Gold Albums Does Twenty One Pilots Have?

Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo that was formed in 2009. Their music does not focus on just one genre. In fact, they cover several music styles such as; alternative hip-hop, electric pop, indie pop, pop-rock, rap-rock, and alternative rock. But did you know how successful they were?

Twenty One Pilots is the only act in history that has two entire albums worth of songs that are certified Gold or Platinum. No other artist has ever achieved this.

How Did Twenty One Pilots Start?

The American band was formed in 2009 with Tyler Joseph as lead singer. He initially started the group with Nick Thomas and Chris Salih, but they left the band in 2011. Since their departure, it was just Joseph and their drummer Josh Dun.

Joseph met Thomas at a young age while playing basketball in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Thomas later transferred to Joseph’s middle school, and they have become long-time friends since then.

After finding an old keyboard inside his closet, Joseph’s interest in music piqued. It was a Christmas gift from his mother. By 2007, Joseph recorded a solo album entitled No Phun Intended. Thomas played the guitar for several of the songs in the album and then collaborated with Joseph on the track entitled Trees. This song, later on, became one of Twenty One Pilots’ signature pieces.

Joseph attended Ohio State University. There he met Chris Salih, who then consulted Joseph about starting a band. Salih had a built-in recording studio in his home, and Joseph was impressed. He agreed to play music with him, and there they began sharing ideas for new songs. Joseph then invited Thomas to join their unnamed band as a bassist. They then moved into a house of their own and conceptualized on their album, which they eventually recorded in the basement.

The band played for a wide variety of audiences at different venues around the Columbus area. They performed in venues with acts that played metal, hardcore, and electronic genres. This influenced Joseph to incorporate these styles in his songwriting.

By December 29, 2009, the unnamed band went by their moniker Twenty One Pilots. The band released their debut, self-titled album simultaneously and was already touring around Ohio. Joseph’s mother was incredibly supportive of her son’s plight. She would be seen standing outside the Ohio State University, giving away tickets to their shows. (Source: Inquisitr)

Where Did The Name “Twenty One Pilots” Come From

In 2016 alone, Twenty One Pilots have played in over 128 shows, most of which were sold out. What is quite surprising is how the band came up from playing in the basement into one of the most significant breakthroughs in the music industry overnight.

I feel like we’ve got the coolest people listening to our music. The type of people who would call us out if we did something dumb. They’d know if we just phoned in a show or a song. They keep us on our toes.

Josh Dun, Drummer, Twenty One Pilots

The band’s name comes from a play entitled All My Sons. In the play, a businessman sold faulty airplane parts during the Second World War that led to the death of 21 US servicemen.

(Source: BBC)

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