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Are Meg and Jack White from The White Strips Siblings?

Many artists create lavish and sometimes outrageous acts to boost their fame and popularity. Some go to the extreme and create different personas entirely. But did you know that The White Stripes had a secret of their own?

White Stripes Artists Meg and Jack White are actually husband and wife, and not siblings. The couple wanted the public to focus on their music instead of their relationship. That’s why they came up with the story.

The White Stripes

The White Stripes is an American rock duo in Detroit, Michigan. Its members were guitarist-vocalist Jack White and drummer Meg White. The duo was formed in 1997. Jack White was born Jack Gillis on July 9, 1975, and Megan White was born on December 10, 1974. Both were born and raised in Michigan. (Source: Detroit Historical)

Before them meeting, both Whites were holding down non-musical jobs. Meg did several service jobs while Jack worked as a furniture upholsterer. He was introduced to a wide range of music by his employer, Brian Muldoon. This is how Jack White started his career in music.

White and Muldoon recorded a blues-filled single under the name Upholsterers, and in 1993, White became the drummer of a cow-punk band Goober and the Peas. He also met Meg some time while he was with the band. In 1996, Goober and the Peas broke up. In the same year, the couple got married, and Jack decidedly took Meg’s last name.

Jack taught Meg how to play the drums. This resulted in the two forming the band The White Stripes after Meg’s fondness for red and white peppermint candy. The duo became part of Detroit’s garage rock scene and, in 1997, played their first public performance in the Gold Dollar. (Source: Britannica)

Two years later, the band released their self-titled debut album and released five other albums, De Stijl, White Blood Cells, Elephant, Get Behind Me Satan, and Icky Thump. The duo became famous in 2002 after releasing White Blood Cells and Elephant. Their single Seven Nation Army became popular due to its unique guitar riff.

They were known for their uncomplicated, technically simple writing and recording style, with musical production influenced by garage rock, blues, and early punk. After a long hiatus from recording and performing, the band disbanded in 2011 after winning the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album for Elephant, Get Behind Me Satan, and Icky Thump. (Source: Detroit Historical)

Today, Jack White is still active in the music industry as a solo artist, while Meg White has gone off the radar. There was a rumor that Meg was to join the band Rush as a replacement drummer, but Snopes discredited the rumor. (Source: The List)

The Whites were Siblings?

As the band’s fame started, the two claimed that they were a brother/sister duo in interviews. Interestingly, the band’s fame came after the two divorced. In one of his interviews, Jack explained why he lied about their relationship.

Jack lied about their relationship because he wanted the audience to appreciate their music without being tainted by the idea of their romantic relationship. He didn’t like the band to be equated to relationship drama. (Source: Cheat Sheet)

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