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Big Pun

When Big Pun Died, He Weighed Nearly 700 Pounds and was Only 28 Years Old

Big Pun, also known as the Big Punisher, is well-known in the Latino and hip-hop communities. Did you know his weight before he passed away, despite his youth?

The rapper Big Pun was only 28 years old when he passed away and weighed about 700 pounds.

Who is Big Pun?

Rapper Big Pun was born Christopher Lee Rios in the Bronx, New York, on November 10, 1971. Big Pun established himself as a groundbreaking Latino musician in the hip-hop music industry throughout his all-too-short career. While he excelled academically and in sports during his formative years, he eventually left home at 15 due to his challenging family situation and dropped out of high school.

Big Pun was a voracious reader who took charge of his education. Rapping and breakdancing also piqued his curiosity. Being occasionally homeless made it a challenging time for him. When Big Pun and his junior high school sweetheart Liza had their first kid together, he soon faced the additional stress of being a young father. Big Pun and Liza were married in 1990 and had two more kids. He ate more as a reaction to the strains of life and gained weight. 

He started the rap group Full a Clips Crew and performed as Big Moon Dog. With his creative lyrics and capacity to rap for an extended time without pausing, Big Pun stood out from the rest of the crew.

It was his big break when Big Pun first met successful rapper-producer Fat Joe in 1995. Fat Joe requested Big Pun to appear on his song Watch Out after noticing his potential.

The two enormous talents grew close and established a productive friendship. He adopted the new identity Big Punisher and joined the Terror Squad, a group of Latino rappers connected to Fat Joe, who was inspired by a comic book character. Even Big Pun’s contract with Loud Records was negotiated with the aid of Fat Joe. (Source: Biography)

Big Pun’s Death and Legacy

Big Pun stayed at a hotel in White Plains, New York, along with his wife and kids. They were there because construction was taking place on their Bronx home. He had trouble breathing on February 7 and passed out in his hotel room.

After his wife dialed 911, paramedics attempted to revive him without success. Big Pun was only 28 years old and weighed approximately 700 pounds when he passed away from heart failure.

The Latino and hip-hop communities lamented the loss of one of its stars. Thousands of followers attended his funeral in the Bronx a few days after his passing. A huge mural about him was created on a building in his neighborhood by the local sign painting business TATS Cru as a way to honor him. Several well-known friends also shared their sorrow over his passing.

He was a source of pride for the Latin community, a brilliant artist, and a terrific person.

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(Source: Biography)

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