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Christopher Knight

What is the Story About Christopher Knight?

When a person decides to go off the grid and live in isolation for an extended amount of time, there might be some underlying mental health concern that needs to be addressed. This kind of reclusive behavior was evident in serial killers like Robert Christian Hansen. But have you heard of Christopher Knight and how he lived as a hermit since 1986?

Christopher Knight also known as the “North Pond Hermit” lived in isolation since 1986. He lived alone in the wilderness for over 27 years, but was caught in 2013 after evidence linked him to a thousand burglaries in the area.

What was Christopher Knight’s Reason for Isolating Himself in the Woods? 

Christopher Knight was only 20 years old when he walked away from society, never to be seen or heard from again. And he’s been living in isolation for over a quarter-century. He worked for less than a year installing home and vehicle alarm systems near Boston, Massachusetts, when he abruptly quit his job without giving his boss notice. He didn’t even return his tools. All he did was cash his final paycheck and drove out of town.

I had no one to tell I didn’t have any friends. I had no interest in my co-workers. I drove down the east coast of America, eating fast food and staying in cheap motels, the cheapest I could find.

Christopher Knight

Knight drove for days, alone, until he arrived in Florida. He spent most of his time on major highways, watching the world go by. He had grown accustomed to being alone throughout his life. Stating that interacting with others was frequently exasperating. Every encounter with another person felt like a collision.

He drove up to Maine, his hometown. There were not many roads in the state’s center, so he chose the one that passed right by his family’s home. He took one last look around and said goodbye and didn’t stop going forward.

Knight pulled over to the side of the road and tossed the keys into the center console. He had a tent and a backpack but no map or compass. He stepped into the trees and walked away, not knowing where he was going or where.

I don’t know how to explain my actions, I had no plans when I left, I wasn’t thinking of anything. I just did it.

Christopher Knight, on why he left for the woods

(Source The Guardian)

How Did Christopher Knight Survive For So Long in the Woods? 

In order for Knight to survive the harsh winters of Maine, he burglarized about a thousand homes in the area at roughly 40 houses per year. He was apprehended after tripping a game warden’s surveillance sensor while stealing food from a special needs camp.

Some residents said they were aware of the man for years, often in connection with break-ins that have occurred over the decades. He was so well known to some summer cottage owners that they left food out for him so he wouldn’t break in during the colder months.

Diane Vance, Maine State Trooper

Knight’s living quarters in the woods included a tent covered by tarps suspended between trees, a bed, propane cooking stoves, and a battery-powered radio, which he used to listen to talk radio and a rock station and keep up with the news.

He used us like his local Walmart.

Harver Chesley, Camp Facility Manager 

(Source The Guardian)

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