In 2016, an octopus named Inky mysteriously disappeared from New Zealand’s National Aquarium. A wet trail later revealed he escaped his tank through a small hole, slid across the floor at night and squeezed his body through a pipe leading to the ocean.

Inky’s Daring Escape Shows How Smart Octopuses Are

An octopus at New Zealand’s National Aquarium made a break for freedom by slipping out of its tank, slithering down a drainpipe and escaping into the ocean earlier this year.

Inky, a male common New Zealand octopus, escaped his enclosure through a small opening. He slid across the floor during the night and squeezed his body through a narrow pipe leading to open waters.

“He was very inquisitive and liked to push boundaries,” says Rob Yarrell, the manager of the National Aquarium of New Zealand.

Yarrell and his team noticed Inky’s disappearance three months ago, and were able to figure out where their charge had disappeared overnight by following the wet trail he left behind. Inky had managed to move the lid to his enclosure, whi… Continue Reading