In 1975 David Bowie and Dennis Hopper broke into a psychiatric ward wearing spacesuits to deliver cocaine to Iggy Pop.

The moment David Bowie and Dennis Hopper smuggled cocaine into a psych ward for Iggy Pop, 1975

Even if you’re not a David Bowie fanatic, there’s a good chance you might have heard of this incredible story and, if you haven’t, then buckle up because it’s a wild ride. It involves not only the late great Starman but actor and Easy Rider legend Dennis Hopper sneaking drugs inside the building of an incarcerated punk legend in Iggy Pop back in 1975.

Did I forget to mention that while David Bowie, Dennis Hopper and Dean Stockwell were smuggling cocaine in the psych ward for young Iggy, they were doing so while wearing spacesuits? Yep, it’s one of those kinds of stories. One of those monstrously ludicrous rock ‘n’ roll escapades that is so unfathomably ridiculous that it simply has to be true. And, invariably, involve either David Bowie… Continue Reading (4 minute read)

9 thoughts on “In 1975 David Bowie and Dennis Hopper broke into a psychiatric ward wearing spacesuits to deliver cocaine to Iggy Pop.”

  1. rpgfool777

    When you’re at the intersect of being a really good friend and being a really bad friend.

  2. swoosan

    Who would have thought that Iggy Pop would have outlived Bowie & Hopper?

  3. -4twenty-

    And then I swear to God, David Bowie dressed as a Martian came straight through that window!

  4. I_might_be_weasel

    That probably set some patients back a little bit.

  5. CeleryStore

    That webpage is cancer to my back button, anyways

    >According to Iggy, they were actually let in on account of the staff at the facility being starstruck by the pair, after all, at the time, Stockwell and Bowie were gigantic stars. When inside the ‘Lust For Life’ singer’s room, Bowie and Stockwell duly broke out the blow and decided to share with Iggy who gladly took the peace parcel from outer space. Although, from Bowie’s account, it was actually the Easy Rider legend, Dennis Hopper who accompanied the Starman

  6. OrangeJuiceAssassin

    Well, someone had to

  7. FunkySoule

    Ashes to ashes, funk to funky. We know Major Tom “helped” out a junkie

  8. st0pmakings3ns3

    *Apparently, i was living in Los Angeles.* is still one of my all time favourite quotes, which Bowie uttered describing how he’d lost memory of a complete year. ONE YEAR.

  9. Crieve

    breaking out is where its at !!

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