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Who is Chrese Evans?

If you are familiar with the history of the Soviet Union, names like Rasputin, the Romanovs, and more would definitely ring a bell. But do you know who Joseph Stalin is? Let alone who his daughter and granddaughter are? Let’s find out more.

Joseph Stalin’s Granddaughter – Chrese Evans is now a buddhist American who runs a quaint little antique shop in Portland, Oregon. She is the daughter of Stalin’s youngest child who was not a supporter of his ideals and injustices. The apple can certain fall from the tree.

The Soviet Union transformed to a global superpower under the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin back in 1928 to 1953, at the cost of the lives of millions of Soviet citizens. (Source: Britannica) So yes, he is a big deal – but definitely not a good one.

Who would have thought, that the man who spent most of his life serving the Communist Party of the Soviet Union would have a bad-ass grandchild enjoying the perks of democracy in the United States of America? We didn’t for sure.

But Chrese Evans, the punk-rock, bleach blonde, all-American girl is in fact directly related to the infamous dictator. She is the daughter of Stalin’s youngest child Svetlana Alliluyeva.

Svetlana was a Russian-educated writer who taught literature and English in the Moscow University. She moved to the United States in 1967 shortly after the death of her third husband. (Source: Britannica)

By the time Svetlana got to the United States she burned her Soviet passport and became an American Citizen. She signed a contract with a publishing house and started translating her memoirs. (Source: Britannica) The book entitled – Twenty Letters to Friend, is one of New York Times’ best sellers. And they say it was “fascinating from the first page to the last.” (Source: Harper Collins) The first book was quickly followed by the sequel – Only One Year in 1969 which described the events following her defection from the Soviet Union. (Source: NYTimes)

In 1970, she married the architect Wesley Peters who is the father of her daughter Chrese Evans. The couple divorced in 1982 and she left the US to live in England with Olga. In 1984 she returned to the Soviet Union where she was welcomed by the officials. Her citizenship was also restored. After another clash with the Soviet Union, she renounced her citizenship again and resettled in the US by 1986 (Source: Britannica)

Svetlana passed away in 2011 from colon cancer, at the age of 85. Chrese Evans, formerly known as Olga Peters recalls her mother as a talented writer and lecture in an interview with The Oregonian. She fondly recounts how students would give her mother standing ovations after a lecture. She was in her own right an accomplished woman despite her tainted past. (Source: Oregon Live)

Who is Chrese Evans? Svetlana gave birth to her daughter Olga in May 21, 1971. She was in constant search for a “better life” which led her to move all across the US and Europe. She eventually changed her named to Lana Peters to adapt easily.

Like any other mother-daughter relationship, Chrese and Svetlana had their disagreements. It started with clothes, hair color, and eventually – boys. Chrese was a true extrovert who constantly wanted to be around people. She was very independent and outgoing. Her mother was incredibly strict that she wasn’t allowed to fraternize with students in her school.

Faye Black, Chrese’s French Teacher describes her as a very bright child. She wasn’t an exceptional student but she had her moments. She excelled in music, but Svetlana wasn’t keen on letting her partake in such activities which caused friction between them. (Source: Washington Post)

Chrese was not an only child. She was the third of Svetlana’s offsprings. The first two were no longer communicated with their mother, Svetlana, since she has left them in Russia. Svetlana wanted Chrese to grow up as a real American that she even agreed to call her “Chrissy” which was based off the main character in the popular sitcom Troy is a Company.

Chrese Evans then officially changed her name from Olga Peters some years later. In countless interviews, she spoke very highly of her mother and expressed how much she appreciated and loved her saying “She was always proud of me, when I hadn’t even really accomplished anything.” (Source: NY Post)

Today, Chrese Evans runs a little antique shop in Portland, Oregon. Even with her mother’s passing, her life still revolves around her teachings and principles. (Source: Daily Mail)