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What Happened to Angela Hernandez?

We’ve heard miraculous stories on car crash survivors. But did you hear about the unbelievable woman from Oregon who survived a 250 feet drop? 

Angela Hernandez accidentally drove off a cliff and fell 250 feet into a deserted beach. She was trying to avoid a small animal on the road. Hernandez was found seven days after the accident.

Angel Hernandez’s Ordeal

A 23-year-old Oregon woman, Angela Hernandez, passed through Big Sur, California, and saw a small animal on the road. In a frantic effort to avoid hitting the animal, Hernandez swerved. Since the road didn’t have any shoulder railings, her SUV fell off a 250-foot cliff.

According to Hernandez’s post on social media, she blacked out, and when she regained consciousness, she felt her car was filling with water over her knees. Her head hurt, and when she touched it, she found blood.

Later reports accounted for Hernandez’s injuries:

  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Fractured ribs
  • A collapsed lung
  • Broken collar bones
  • Ruptured blood vessels

Despite these injuries, Hernandez was able to walk around the beach, which was deserted and often covered in fog. Hernandez climbed up rocks and tried desperately to shout out for help to the cars passing by hundreds of feet above her.

On the third day, she felt the effects of dehydration, but luckily she found the radiator hose from her SUV and found a natural spring nearby. After a week of wandering the beach and calling out for help, a couple, Chad and Chelsea Moore, heard Hernandez’s call for help.

They were hiking along the beach when they heard a faint cry for help. They saw Hernandez standing on the rocks. Chad Moore stayed with Hernandez while Chelsea Moore got help. When the rescue team arrived, they immediately hoisted Hernandez up using rope to be airlifted to the nearest hospital. (Source: NBC News)

What to Keep In Mind Before Leaving

Hernandez’s experience was truly horrifying. Luckily people were hiking around the area, which led to her discovery and rescue. But what if you were in a deserted place and didn’t have the same luck as Angela? It would be best to be prepared before you take on the road on your own. (Source: Red Fora)

Pack an Emergency Kit in Your Car

Having an emergency kit in your car at all times can spell the difference between life or death. There are many kits available online, but if you’d want to build your own, here are the essentials you need.

  • A Multi-tool that can cut your seat belt and break your window
  • A working flashlight
  • A first aid kit
  • Fire starting material like lighter, waterproof matches, or flint
  • A whistle for calling attention
  • An emergency survival blanket
  • A water container

Be mindful of where you keep your emergency kit, as it should be easily accessible during an emergency. (Source: Red Fora)

Check Your Digital Tools

We now live in a world where smartphones are always in our hands. So before leaving, make sure your phone is sufficiently charged and has an alternate power supply like a power bank. There are power banks that have solar panels to charge them.

There are also apps you can install on your phone to help you should you encounter any situation. A good app is bSafe. It’s free to download, and the app will store all of your emergency contacts. It also has a function that will alert your emergency contacts, providing your GPS coordinates. (Source: Red Fora)

Let Someone Know Your Travel Details

Telling someone your travel details will come in handy should you encounter a situation. Give the person your expected departure time, your destination point, your expected arrival time. (Source: Fodors Travel)

Tips Should You Encounter a Similar Situation

Find Potable Water

We can live around a month without food, but only about a week without water. In the case of Hernandez, she felt the effects of dehydration on her third day. She was lucky enough to have found a source of freshwater.

So once you have come to your senses, your first course of action is to find a potable water supply or can be converted with the stuff from your kit. (Source: Red Fora)

Stay Aware

In Hernandez’s account, she was vigilantly aware of her surroundings. She adjusted accordingly. She climbed higher rocks to shout out for help and to sleep during the night to avoid the tide of the beach. She walked on the sand to prevent blistering her feet from the hot rocks.

We should always be vigilant and aware of our surroundings in an emergency, using everything we can to survive.

Be Visible

Find a way to be visible for potential rescuers. Hernandez climbed higher grounds in the hopes of being seen or heard. Though this is a good idea, there are other ways to become visible in order to be rescued.

  • Keep a fire burning so that the smoke will be noticed
  • Use a mirror to reflect sunlight and attract attention

If you have a whistle, use it to get attention (Source: Red Fora)

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