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What is the Story of Ubre Blanca?

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was known for many things. He was especially popular for being a Cuban revolutionary leader that. But did you know he was also obsessed with genetics and breeding?

Fidel Castro was very interested in Cow Genetics and Breeding. In 1982, he bred a cow that broke the world record for the most milk produced in a day; her name was Ubre Blanca. She died in 1985, and her death was published on the front page of the obituaries and commemorated in postal service stamps.

Who is Fidel Castro?

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on August 13, 1926. He was born out of wedlock on his father’s farm. His father, Angel Castro, was a veteran of the Spanish-American War, and they migrated to Cuba from Galicia. Castro’s father was financially successful; he grew sugar cane at Las Manassas. When his first marriage failed, he took his servant Lina Ruz, the mother of Fidel, as his mistress and later on became the second wife.

Being able to afford a good education, Castro was sent to excellent schools. He first went to the La Salle boarding school in Santiago, but he regularly misbehaved. He was then sent to a privately-funded school run by Jesuit priests called Dolores school. By 1945, Castro continued his education at the El Colegio de Belen in Havana.

Castro was very interested in history, geography, and debate. While he did not excel academically, he spent most of his time playing sports. When he moved to the University of Havana and started studying law, he realized how politically illiterate he was. Castro then took part in student activism.

By 1947, Castro joined the Party of the Cuban People, which Eduardo Chibas founded. By the 1948 general election, Chibas came in third, but Castro still committed to working for him.

Fidel Castro .began his career as a revolutionary with no ideology at all: he was a student politician turned street fighter turned guerrilla, a voracious reader, an interminable speaker, and a pretty good baseball player. The only ideas that appear to have driven him were a lust for power, a willingness to use violent means to get it, and an unwillingness to share it once he had it. If he had followed any example, it was that of Napoleon, not Marx.

John Lewis Gaddis, An American Historian

Fidel Castro went on to be known as a Cuban revolutionary. He was the leader of Cuba from 1959 to 2008 as he served as the prime minister from 1959 to 1976 and as president from 1976 to 2008. (Source: PBS)

Ubre Blanca The Super Cow

Fidel Castro, the former Cuban dictator, was obsessed with dairy products. This passion almost drove him to his grave since the CIA was well aware of his addition to dairy and tried to poison him several times. Castro even had a personal taste tester, Chef Flores, who would try out the milk before it even got to Castro. Needless to say, Chef Flores ended up with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Castro needed to find a way to better source his dairy products; that lady Ubre Blanca was born. It was a personal project of his, a genetic experimentation that he held near and dear to his heart.

Ubre Blanca was spoiled beyond reason. She did not like to eat the same thing every day. She was given a variety of fruits and fresh grass to consume. She also had a portable radio that played tropical music. While she produced 80 to 110 liters of milk a day, milking her was not an easy task because of her bad temper. Caretakers would need to be wary of her kicks.

In 1982, Ubre Blanca was qualified to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for producing more than a hundred liters per day. This is said to be four times the production of an average cow.

After she died in 1985, Castro had built a statue in her honor and was erected on the Isla de la Juventud. She also had the whole front page of the obituary and a commemorative postage stamp in her honor. Today, Ubre Blanca’s remains are in a glass urn in Havana’s National Center of Agricultural Health. (Source: Al Dia News)

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