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How Big Are Velociraptors?

The sickle-clawed dinosaur that once inhabited central and eastern Asia 99 million years ago has gained popularity after being highlighted in the Jurassic World Movie series. But did you know their size in the movie was fictional? Real Velociraptors are actually significantly smaller than what we think. In the Jurassic World movie, the velociraptors measure …

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Why Do Dogs Shed?

Just like how dead skin cells fall off our bodies, shedding is a natural function for dogs. This is their way of getting rid of old hair from their undercoat, and it is also essential for their skin’s health. Shedding happens when the older fur is pushed out so that their undercoat can grow. Dogs …

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What Does It Mean When Tomcats Have Puffy Cheeks?

If you’re a cat person, you’d definitely appreciate extra fluffy ones. But did you ever notice how stray cats develop more prominent and puffier cheeks? Male cats that are not neutered tend to develop larger cheeks or jowls. This is often triggered by increased testosterone and is thought to be a sign of their masculinity. …

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