In high school, with his imposing physique and creepy mustache, most Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson’s classmates thought he was an undercover cop.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Posts High School Pic: Classmates ‘Thought I Was An Undercover Cop’ (Photo)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Instagram to post the ultimate Throwback Thursday photo, telling followers that he hit puberty so early that many classmates mistook him for an undercover cop.

The black-and-white yearbook photo shows that The Rock hasn’t changed very much, although he has since abandoned the hair and mustache. The actor hilariously reveals that his “porn ‘stache” made him look like “a man child.”

“I was also 6’4 225lbs, rockin’ a dead caterpillar on my lip (aka the porn ‘stache) and all the kids in every high school thought I was an undercover cop cause I looked like a mutated, yet handsome SOB of a man child.”

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