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What Does Chunk from Goonies Do Today?

Goonies was a 1985 film that was part of the genre of movies focusing on young viewers, along with Back to the Future, Gremlins, and Ghostbusters. Many child actors in the film pursued their careers in Holywood. But did you know what Chunk, played by Lawrence Cohen, decided to follow after his stint in the movie? 

Chunk, the chubby kid in Goonies, was played by Lawrence Cohen. He went on to study law and established his practice in Beverly Hills. He co-founded the Cohen & Gardner firm, focusing on entertainment law.

Who is Lawrence Cohen?

Jeffrey Bertan McMahon was born on June 25, 1974, in Los Angeles, California. Cohen and his sister, Edie Faye, were raised by their mother, Elaine Cohen. Cohen’s interest in becoming an actor was strongly influenced by his mother, a small-time actress at the time. 

The young actor made his first appearance when he was just six years old. He appeared on the children’s show, the Uncle Al Show while visiting relatives in Cincinnati. A year later, Cohen’s mother helped him appear on a game show called Child’s Play. Cohen then started auditioning for TV and film roles.

When he turned eight, Cohen starred in the TV movie Little Shots, playing the role of Ralph. The young actor also appeared in several shows like Tales from the Darkside, Webster, Kids Incorporated, Family Ties, and The Facts of Life. His roles were usually as a chubby and cute kid.

Cohen got his big break when he signed to play Chunk in the Steven Spielberg-produced adventure comedy film The Goonies. But after the film, the young actor focused his talent on Wonderful World of Disney, and She’s the Sheriff. He also lent his voice in the TV film Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School. His last acting job was in 1988 in a TV film titled Perfect Harmony. (Source: The Famous People)

Cohen’s interest in acting declined as he entered puberty and saw changes in his body. In an interview, he mentioned that his career ended when he hit puberty. He transformed from Chunk to hunk and couldn’t get any more roles. (Source: The Sun)

Chunk After His Career in the Film Industry 

Cohen realized that he didn’t want to act for the rest of his life when he had difficulty getting roles. He focused on his studies., becoming interested in the legal aspects of Holywood. He decided to pursue law and graduated from UCLA Law School in 2000.

He joined Proskauer Rose LLP as a corporate lawyer, but Cohen wanted to work in the entertainment law sector. He pursued this and eventually established his law firm with Jonathan Gardner. Cohen & Gardner LLP was established in 2002.

His success as an entertainment lawyer drew attention. Different agencies like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter documented Cohen’s success. Cohen also had a brief career in writing. He published articles on The Huffington Post and CNBC regarding his views on politics, laws, and other entertainment business matters. (Source: The Famous People)

What Happened to the Other Goonies Cast Members?

Cohen didn’t pursue his career in acting and chose a different path, but most of his co-stars continued to make their names in Hollywood. Here are some of the most famous actors.

Sean Astin, the kid who played Mikey in Goonies, continued his career in acting. He is popularly known as Frodo’s sidekick in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, playing Samwise Gamgee.

Corey Feldman, the actor who played Mouth in the film, enjoyed his peak in the industry as a child star. He starred in movies like Stand By Me and The Lost Boys.

Martha Plimpton was the actress who played Stef. After the movie, she switched to Broadway and was nominated three times for the Tony Awards. She returned to acting in the comedy show Raising Hope.

Josh Brolin played Brand, the gang’s leader in the film. He has continued acting and became an established name in Hollywood with his performances in No Country for Old Men and Milk. (Source: NME)

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