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US Navy Fleet

Which Country Has the Largest Navy Fleet in History?

In the last three thousand years of human history, there have been several naval fleets. Many of which compete to provide security and extend national influence. They are generally built by seagoing states or those desiring to enter into the sphere of naval powers. But did you ever wonder which country has the largest navy fleet in history?

The United States Navy is one of the country’s eight uniformed services. It is the world’s largest and most powerful Navy, with an active battle fleet that exceeds the total tonnage of the next 13 navies, including 11 US allies or partner nations as of 2015.

U.S. Navy Bases Around The Globe

The United States Navy’s size, complexity, and foreign presence require many navy sites to support its activities. While the bulk of bases is located within the United States, the Navy maintains a considerable number of facilities outside the country as well. They are either in US-controlled territories or in nations with a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

Eastern United States

The largest concentration of Navy installations is at Norfolk, Virginia, where the Navy occupies over 36,000 acres. Naval Station Norfolk is the home port of the Atlantic Fleet. The Aegis Training and Readiness Center is located at the Naval Support Activity South Potomac in Dahlgren, Virginia. 

The Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC, is the Navy’s oldest shore establishment and serves as a ceremonial and administrative center for the US Navy. Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, Connecticut, and NSB Kings Bay in Kings Bay, Georgia, is the east coast’s main submarine base. The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is the primary place to repair naval submarines. (Source: US Navy

The Western United States and Hawaii

The U.S. Navy’s largest complex is Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, California. It covers 1.1 million acres of land or about one-third of the total landholdings.

Naval Base San Diego, California, is the primary homeport of the Pacific Fleet. Although its headquarters is located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. NAS North Island is located on the north side of Coronado, California, and is home to the Headquarters for Naval Air Forces and Naval Air Force Pacific. Navy SEAL teams are trained at NAB Coronado, also home to the Naval Special Warfare Center, the primary training center for SEALs. (Source: Naval Station Everette

United States Territories

Guam is the westernmost US territory and contains a natural deepwater harbor capable of harboring aircraft carriers in emergencies. Its naval air station was deactivated in 1995, and its flight activities transferred to nearby Andersen Air Force Base. The island is strategically located in the Western Pacific Ocean. (Source: Guam Naval Base

Foreign Countries

The most extensive overseas base is located in Yokosuka, Japan, which serves as the home port for the Navy’s largest forward-deployed fleet.

Naples is the homeport for the Sixth Fleet and Command Naval Region Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia.

In the Middle East, naval facilities are located almost exclusively in countries bordering the Persian Gulf. NSA Bahrain serves as the US Naval Forces Central Command and US Fifth Fleet headquarters.

N.S. Guantanamo Bay in Cuba is the oldest overseas facility and has become known in recent years as the location of a detention camp for suspected al-Qaeda operatives. (Source: Naval Base)

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