President Andrew Jackson owned a parrot named Poll. When Jackson died Poll was present at his funeral, but had to be removed due to “Swearing and yelling profanities” that he learned from Jackson himself

Presidents & Their Pet Parrots

Can you imagine a parrot perched in the White House? It’s probably happened at some point during our country’s history; after all, some of our past presidents had parrot companions during their presidencies. There have been no presidential parrots in recent years, but there certainly were some in our recent past. Here is a list of presidents who really did have parrots during their White House days.

The First Presidential Parrot

Our nation’s first president, George Washington (1789-1797) was more of a dog lover, but First Lady Martha Washington appears to have been the parrot person in the family. According to, Martha had a green parrot named Snipe. (Some historical accounts reference a parrot named Polly.)… Continue Reading