In 1944, the British hatched a plan to assassinate Hitler – Operation Foxley. Many, including Churchill approved of the plan. It never went through though because Hitler was an awful military strategist, and there was fear that whoever replaced him would be more adept at winning the war.

Britain’s Plan to Kill Hitler By Having a Sniper Shoot Him During His Daily Walk To The Tea House

In 1944, the British hatched a plan to assassinate Hitler – a project known as Operation Foxley. It could have shortened the war, saved millions of lives, and spared everyone so much pain and suffering. The scheme had the approval of many in the British government, including Winston Churchill, but it was rejected because Hitler was helping the Allied cause.

Attempts to kill Hitler were nothing new with the most famous one being the July Plot. Anti-Nazi conspirators led by Claus von Stauffenberg tried to kill Hitler with a bomb on 20 July 1944. But as early as 8 November 1939, Johann Georg Eiser blew up the Bürgerbräukeller where Hitler gave annual speeches, missing killing Hitler by 5 minutes.

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