Once hailed as the future of television, 3D TV’s have not been produced by any manufacturer since 2016. 3D TV is dead.

3D tech, but zero interest: TV manufacturers stop making set once hailed as future

It wasn’t long ago that 3D television was being talked up as the next big revolution in home entertainment. But now it appears that the much-trumpeted concept has died an early death, as the only two major 3D TV makers have discontinued the product.

Last year giant TV maker Samsung announced it was stopping making 3D sets, and last week both LG and Sony followed suit, leaving no major manufacturers left in the market.

The firms admitted a lack of demand was behind the move, as consumers were not sold on the idea of sitting in their living rooms wearing a chunky pair of 3D glasses while watching TV.

Tim Alessi, LG’s director of new product development, told tech website Cnet: “3D capability was never really universally embraced i… Continue Reading

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/29/3d-television-set-dead-major-manufacturers-stop-making/