Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, released a limited 200 signed copies of the book bound in an asbestos cover making them fireproof. They rarely sell for less than $10,000.

The Ray Bradbury Chronicles: Tribute to a Literary Legend

Five Limited Ray Bradbury Editions

From the Dust Returned

Limited leather-bound copy from Easton Press

Match to Flame: The Fictional Paths to Fahrenheit 451

Signed, limited edition printing.

Somewhere a Band is Playing

Limited to 500 copies, Bradbury wrote this novella in 2007.

The Last Circus & The Electrocution

Deluxe edition, limited to 100 copies. Signed by Bradbury.

First edition, limited to 300 copies numbered and signed by Bradbury.

Bradbury: Educated in Libraries

Bradbury truly was the father figure of modern American literature. Born in Illinois, Ray Douglas Bradbury, (Douglas after actor Douglas Fairbanks) grew up loving two things, magic and libraries, and spent much of his youth perusi… Continue Reading (2 minute read)

12 thoughts on “Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, released a limited 200 signed copies of the book bound in an asbestos cover making them fireproof. They rarely sell for less than $10,000.”

  1. Moonsmouth

    If you or a loved one was diagnosed with Mesothelioma after being exposed to a rare edition of Fahrenheit 451, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

  2. justscottaustin

    Did ya also learn that the auto-ignition point of paper is not actually 451 degrees?

  3. BendTheForks

    *Cave Johnson here, i just found out that people will pay over $10,000 for a book bound in asbestos when you can buy the electronic book for $15. If you’re feeling light headed or dizzy after spending over $10,000 on a book, that’s not buyer’s remorse, that’s asbestos.*

  4. MoonCato

    Wouldn’t this only make the cover fireproof?

  5. Ansiremhunter

    ITT people who don’t understand that asbestos can be a stable material and doesn’t give you cancer unless you grind it or cut it making it into a breathable / edible form

  6. Porrick

    When “your book gave me cancer” isn’t just Internet hyperbole.

  7. mattreyu

    that’s great if you’ve got money to burn

  8. lostsoandso

    But what about the cancer?

  9. HidingFromMyKid

    This was the final Jeopardy question a few weeks ago!

  10. DntTouchMeImSterile

    Gotta tell this story because it’s the most surreal thing that ever happened to me.

    In college I went through a deep depression as my girlfriend of 7 years broke up with me among other life stuff. I was so down that I decided to just spend the summer alone on campus where pretty much everyone was gone. All I did was work at my shitty job, lay around my crappy apartment in the city and occasionally read. Hardly any social contact those three months.

    I found this book at a local shop and immediately loved it. I pretty much read it nonstop, especially during my subway commutes to work.

    One super windy day I’m on the platform reading when the book flew out of my hands onto the track, right as a train pulled in. I was so shocked I just stood there and watched. NO JOKE THE BOOK CAUGHT FIRE FROM SPARKS UNDER THE TRAIN AND WAS DESTROYED. All I could do is watch in agony as it burned up. I almost wanted to go grab it, it was my only escape from my shitty life at the time.

    I was hardy halfway done with the book so I didn’t get the implications of what happened until I was later finishing a second copy. Not sure what to make of that moment but it sure gives me chills thinking back to that day.

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