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Diamond for Weed

Walter Earl Morrison, a 20-Year-Old Man from Arizona, Stole a Diamond Valued at $160,000 and Traded it For $20 Worth of Weed.

Walter Earl Morrison, age 20, was detained and later fired from his position with UPS after he stole a package containing a diamond valued at $160,000, which he then exchanged for a double dime on the street. Do you know What Did Walter Morrison Trade with a $160,000 Diamond?

In Arizona, Walter Earl Morrison stole a diamond valued at $160,000 and exchanged it for $20 worth of marijuana.

Trading a Precious Stone to Get Stoned

While employed in the cargo area of a Phoenix airport, Walter Earl Morrison, 20, is accused of stealing a package containing the priceless gem. Police allege that Walter Earl Morrison stole a package while UPS employed him at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

According to court records, he concealed a package that he believed to contain cash under his shirt while he was unloading a plane. Before the police could identify him as the suspect in the theft, he allegedly traded the pricey rock for marijuana.

With the $160,000 diamond he allegedly stole, Walter Earl Morrison could have purchased one of the most expensive cars on the road and still had money left over. Still, according to police, he exchanged it for $20 worth of marijuana. (Source: High Times

What Happened to the Package?

According to reports, Morrison acquired diamond during a recent shift at the Sky Harbor Airport unloading cargo planes. According to police, the man stole a package he thought contained money, used his clothing to conceal it, and smuggled it out of the building undetected.

When Morrison finally had a chance to look inside the package, he was disappointed that there was no cash inside, only a large, sparkling diamond with a price tag that was more than ten times higher than his annual salary. Morrison, who had no prior experience in the jewelry industry, went out into the streets and found a person who would exchange the stone for $20 worth of marijuana.

Some more trustworthy UPS employees noticed the package was missing in the interim and called the police. Naturally, it didn’t take long for the police to arrive at Morrison’s door, prepared to search his body for the missing diamond.

Morrison admitted during the shakedown that he had exchanged the diamond for a small quantity of marijuana, which infuriated everyone who was concerned about the diamond’s whereabouts. However, an ABC affiliate of UPS told KNXV-TV that the diamond was later found and is now in possession of its rightful owner.

The police charged Morrison with felony theft, and as you might have guessed, he also lost his job at UPS. (Source: High Times

Other Heists

While Large by many standards, Morrison’s alleged heist is puny compared to some of the recent jewel thefts.

Three security guards watched as a gunman entered the upscale Carlton hotel in Cannes, France while hiding his face with a scarf. He held up a diamond show before fleeing on foot about a minute later.

In the end, he made off with astonishing valuables valued at $136 million, making it the largest jewelry heist in recent memory, if not ever. (Source: High Times

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