The Pearl Harbor memorial development had slowed to a halt, only for Elvis to jump in and contribute 50,000 dollars through his “Aloha from Hawaii” benefit concert.

How Elvis Presley Saved the USS Arizona Memorial

The battleship USS Arizona sank after being bombed when Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941. More than one thousand of the ship’s sailors lost their lives with at least 900 of them still rest with the submerged ship. In the 1950s, plans took shape for the creation of an Arizona memorial. However, by 1960, less than half of the $500,000 needed had been raised. That would change after Elvis Presley performed at a benefit concert for the memorial on March 25, 1961.

Elvis was discharged from the Army one year before the benefit concert

When Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, learned of the fundraising shortfall, he thought a benefit concert would provide wonderful publicity for Elvis. The singer soon agreed to participate. A…
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