Martin Luther King Sr was also a civil rights activist who lived until 1984

Martin Luther King Sr.

Martin Luther King Sr. (born Michael King; December 19, 1899 – November 11, 1984) was an African American Baptist pastor, missionary, and an early figure in the Civil Rights Movement. He was the father and namesake of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin Luther King Sr. was born Michael King in Stockbridge, Georgia, the son of Delia (née Linsey; 1875–1924) and James Albert King (1864–1933).


King was a member of the Baptist Church and decided to become a preacher after being inspired by ministers who were prepared to stand up for racial equality. He was boarding with Reverend A.D. Williams, then pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. He attended Dillard University for a two-year degree. After K… Continue Reading (7 minute read)

10 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Sr was also a civil rights activist who lived until 1984”

  1. bolanrox

    Samuel L Jackson once kidnapped him and held him hostage.

  2. WhiteRabbit86

    When I worked at CBS we had MLK Jr.’s son in for a thing. He is also Named MLK. And I could not for the life of me get our producer’s to stop writing it out as Martin Luther King, Jr. III.

    I tried. I really did.

  3. beigebaron

    And Martin Luther was also an activist who definitely did not advocate for civil rights

  4. thewerdy

    MLK Jr’s older sister is still alive as well. I saw her at a restaurant a few years ago.

  5. Unleashtheducks

    These events were not actually very long ago. It’s no coincidence that Conservatives waited until Coretta Scott King was dead to claim that MLK Jr. would actually agree with them.


    And he had to bury his son, damn

  7. therxbandit

    The tree doesn’t fall far from the apple…


  8. snarkfox

    Wow, this is the first photo i’ve ever seen of MLK Senior. Am I the only one who thinks he looks exactly like James Earl Jones?

  9. tharussianphil

    I also only learned this yesterday lol

  10. walkertexaszombie

    Nah, he was just faking it because his son was getting so popular. /s

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