An Australian bird, called the rainbow lorikeet, routinely gets drunk from spring to summer. The small birds drink the fermented crimson flower nectar from the Weeping Boer-bean tree. When intoxicated these birds make loud drunken noises which many people find bothersome.

Aussie Bird Likes to Get drunk

You can hardly go anywhere in Australia without hearing the familiar shrieking of the rainbow lorikeet. Beautiful to look at with their array of colourful feathers but extremely hard on the ears, the rainbow lorikeet can sometimes be considered a pest.

The rainbow lorikeet is perhaps one of the most common of our native birds and is found in every state in Australia. Recently, however, lorikeets have caused quite a stir in one particular state.

“They chattered incessantly and chased their reflections into windows,” noted National Geographic writer Roff Smith.

In Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens, lorikeets have been acting somewhat rowdier and louder than usual. This is because the lorikeets that are congregating to these partciular ga… Continue Reading