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Silent Man

Who is the Silent Man Who Keeps Blocking Traffic?

Pedestrians, vehicles, ridden or herded animals, trains, and other conveyances that use public ways for travel and transportation are all considered traffic. But did you know that UK authorities arrested a man for repeatedly blocking traffic?

In the United Kingdom, a “Silent Man” is repeatedly arrested for standing on a specific road to obstruct traffic. He never says anything, not even to the judge or his lawyer. When he is released, he commits the same crime and remains completely silent.

Who is the “Silent Man”?

David Hampson blocked traffic outside Swansea Central Police Station and then refused to speak to police officers, lawyers, court staff, magistrates, or judges, prompting a trial to determine whether he can speak but chooses not to, or whether he is unable to speak. What is known as mute of malice or mute by the visitation of God.

The 51-year-old has been repeating the same pattern of blocking traffic, remaining silent, then returning to the same location and repeating the process when he is released from court or prison.

The judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation of Hampson in the hope that it would shed some light on his behavior and suggest possible treatment options for him. However, because the defendant refused to speak with the court-appointed doctor, no interview could take place; as a result, the court ordered that his medical records be produced and given to the psychiatrist so that at least some information could be obtained.

The case was brought back to court this week for the psychiatrist’s report. The doctor concluded that, while Hampson’s mutism is selective and deliberate, social stresses and financial stresses may play a role in his decision not to speak. However, the doctor stated that he was unable to make a diagnosis of any psychiatric or other condition, implying that a hospital order could be suggested as a method of dealing with the defendant.

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What Charges Did David Hampson Face as a Result of his Problematic Behavior?

Hampson’s roadblocking began in 2014 when he was sentenced to a two-year conditional discharge for four charges of deliberately impeding free passage on the roadway. He was convicted of a public nuisance offense for the same behavior the following year, and his first criminal behavior order was issued. His behavior, however, continued, and he was sentenced to prison after being found guilty of violating the court order in 2016, 2017, and again in 2018.

Hampson, who did not have a fixed address, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. He will be held in custody for up to half of that time before being released on a license to serve the remaining time in the community.

Judge Huw Rees stated that while social stresses may have played a role in Hampson’s decision not to speak, the defendant’s silence was the result of breath-taking arrogance and insolence on his part. He warned Hampson that if he continued to violate the criminal behavior order, he would end up in prison for an indefinite period of time. (Source: Wales Online)

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