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Bentley Leather Seats Bull Skin

Bentley Only Uses Leather from Bulls for the Upholstery of Its Cars

The highly ornate interior is one of the features that distinguishes Bentley cars. Its inside is entirely handcrafted, setting a precedent for subsequent luxury vehicles. Every piece of wood in the car is cut from the same tree. This is to ensure that the pattern remains consistent throughout. Furthermore, the interior leather is of the highest quality. But did you know why Bentley only uses leather from bulls? 

Bentley only uses leather from bulls mainly because they do not get stretch marks like cows. They exclusively use this kind of leather its automobile upholstery.

The First Bentley Ever

The EXP 1 was the first Bentley car, and the EXP 2 was released the following year. The latter is Bentley’s second automobile and the first to win a race. The Bentley EXP 2 is the automaker’s oldest surviving automobile, which is a fun fact. (Source: Auto Car)

What is the Meaning Behind Bentley’s Logo?

Is there a design more recognizable than Bentley’s B-wings? In the early 1920s, when the company was just getting started, founder WO Bentley enlisted the services of a close friend and designer Crosby to create a badge that could not be imitated falsely. As a result, he asked for one with asymmetric downward aiming feathers. Although wings were a popular choice for many vehicle manufacturers during this era when creating a badge, legend has it that Bentley’s symbol was created to commemorate WO’s career as an aeronautical engineer during World War I.

From afar, you can tell it’s a Bentley when you notice the famed Big B symbol. The letter B and two flying wings make up the logo. The B stands for Bentley, while the wings represent speed.

The Bentley logo uses black, white, and silver colors. The white color indicates purity and charm, the black color represents excellence and elegance, and the silver represents Bentley’s sophistication, ingenuity, and perfection. Continue reading to learn about other notable automobile logos like Bentley. (Source: Auto Car)

The Boys That Built The Bentley Reputation

The Bentley Boys, a group of seven affluent Bentley aficionados, were responsible for establishing Bentley as a top automobile brand in motorsports. The Bentley Boys, which included Capt. Woolf Barnato, JD Benjafield, Tim Birkin, SCH Davis, Glen Kidston, John Duff, and Jack and Clive Dunfee were underpaid when Lewis Hamilton was named the world’s 13th best-paid sports star by Forbes in 2019. These men were severe racing enthusiasts, especially when it came to Bentleys. Their bond with the brand was evident in their five Le Man’s victories in eight years. The young men’s thrilling attitude frequently helped them and Bentley establish a stellar reputation. (Source: Auto Car)

Who Founded Bentley? 

Walter Owen Bentley started Bentley Motors. Bentley. In 1919, the first car bearing his name left New Street Mews in London.

The brand has grown from humble beginnings to become a powerhouse in the quest for luxury and performance. This combination would be contradictory if it weren’t for the brand’s five triumphs at Le Mans in the 1920s, adding a sixth in 2003. In that scenario, it’s fair to say that Bentley continues to produce the most renowned contradictions on the road today.

Bentley’s vision continues to guide our beliefs, activities, and ambitions nearly a century later. Bentley Motors, based in Crewe, England, has been owned by Volkswagen AG since 1998 and continues to produce the world’s most sought-after high-performance grand tourers. (Source: Auto Car)

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