Drew Carey had eye surgery in 2001 and no longer requires glasses but continues to wear them as part of his celebrity persona.

8 Things You Might Not Know About Drew Carey

For the past decade, actor and comedian Drew Carey has been emceeing the long-running daytime game show The Price is Right, proving himself an able replacement for tenured former host Bob Barker. (Carey even echoes his predecessor’s plea to spay and neuter pets at the end of every episode.) Prior to that, the 60-year-old had two hugely successful series, including a self-titled sitcom and the improvisational Whose Line Is It Anyway? Take a look at some things you might not have realized about the glasses-sporting comic. (Like the fact that he doesn’t really need to wear them.)


Carey’s Cleveland upbringing was not particularly joy-filled. His father died when Carey was just 8, succumbin… Continue Reading (5 minute read)

13 thoughts on “Drew Carey had eye surgery in 2001 and no longer requires glasses but continues to wear them as part of his celebrity persona.”

  1. numeralCow

    I imagine he could take them off, put on a hat, and be pretty unrecognizable.

  2. Douche_Kayak

    Especially since the weightloss. Guy is basically unrecognizable compared to his early career. Branding is important

  3. najing_ftw

    He came into a bar I was working at, preceded to buy everyone in the house several drinks, had a few himself, rang up at $1800 tab and left a $2000 tip on top of that. Wasn’t intoxicated or an ass, seemed genuinely happy to be hanging out.

  4. kingpin_hawking

    Imagine being able to decide when you want to be famous. Daft punk has an even better set up

  5. MidTownMotel

    A skinny Drew Carrey without glasses would be a pretty significant change from what we stated with, and opposite of what we usually see.

  6. nikhilbhavsar

    >”where everything’s made up and the glasses don’t matter”

  7. bound_determined

    Did he ever fix that hole in his hand?

  8. alexturnersbignose

    On a slight tangent, has anyone here had laser eye surgery? I’ve been humming and ahhing about having it done for years but am still a bit weary about the long term effects.

  9. OldMork

    Some get it, weird al have the same haircut for this reason, one who didnt got it was that gal in dirty dancing who redid her nose.

  10. KarmaPharmacy

    I’ve been lied to for 19 years

  11. WarlordsJester

    Drew Carey is very down to earth. I was once taking a greyhound bus trip from Philadelphia to NYC and our driver was none other than Drew Carey.

    We stopped at a rest stop about halfway and I talked to him. He was smoking a cigarette and I was like “hey I didn’t know you smoked” and he just kinda said yeah and shrugged. I asked if he was doing this gig as something fun to get away from being famous and he said I must have him confused for someone else. He offered me a cigarette, though. Super nice guy and a good driver as well.

  12. Curious-Kaleidoscope

    I like wearing glasses. I hate having bad vision.

  13. Scrappy_Larue

    Roy Orbison lost his glasses before a show, so wore his prescription sunglasses instead. They became his trademark.

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