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Drew Carey

Why Does Drew Carey Still Wear Glasses?

Drew Allison Carey is an American actor, comedian, and game show host. After serving in the United States Marine Corps and establishing a reputation in stand-up comedy, he gained popularity in his own sitcom called The Drew Carey Show. He also performed in several other films, shows, and even music videos. While Carey is popularly known for his bespectacled look but did you know he didn’t actually need to wear glasses anymore?

 Drew Carey had eye surgery back in 2001. Technically, he is no longer required to wear glasses. However, he does so since it’s a part of his signature look.

How Did Help-Self Books Make a Huge Impact on Carey’s Success?

Drew Carey’s childhood in Cleveland was all rainbows and butterflies, in fact, his early years were filled with challenges. His father died of a brain tumor when he was only eight years old. This pushed his mother to work two jobs to maintain her three sons. The family couldn’t afford to take Carey to a doctor to help with the psychological trauma he experienced at such a young age.

Carey spent much of his adolescence feeling alienated and depressed, and things didn’t get any better when he went to Kent State University, where he was expelled twice for bad grades. He began reading self-help books like the University of Success and Your Erroneous Zones when he was at his lowest point.

His perspective was changed due to the books, and he was no longer frustrated. He eventually relocated to California, joined the Marine Reserves, and pursued a stand-up comedy career. (Source: Mental Floss)

Did You Know Drew Carey Used to Shot Sports Photography Under an Alias?

Today, Drew Carey is a part-owner of the Seattle Sounders soccer team, but his participation extends beyond money. Carey has been on the field with the team, shooting action photographs and distributing them to wire agencies under Brooks Parkenridge.

If I wasn’t a comic or TV star, my other dream job was to be a photojournalist. I envy photographer Carolyn Cole from the L.A. Times, and when I see Christiane Amanpour on TV, I think, ‘Man, wouldn’t it be great to be her cameraman and be at these cool places where history is changing.’ Plus, being a celebrity, you always get good seats to sporting events, but you never get seats as good as the photographers get.

(Source: Mental Floss)

Was Drew Carey Part of the World Wrestling Entertainment Royal Rumble?

The Royal Rumble admits one wrestler at a time until 30 wrestlers have entered the squared circle. While this contest is usually reserved for titans such as The Undertaker or John Cena, Carey was involved in 2001.
Carey cheerfully agreed to enter the show as the sixth man and the first celebrity after staging a sketch in which he enraged WWE owner Vince McMahon. Instead of being allowed to leave, Kane confronted him and nearly choked him before another wrestler intervened. The comedian went on to be inducted into the promotion’s Hall of Fame. (Source: Mental Floss)

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