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What is the “I Am Rich” App?

In 2008, a man named Armin Heinrich decided to create a unique mobile application. But this would be no ordinary app, it would be unlike any of its predecessors in that it would do absolutely nothing. When the app was launched, it displayed a lucent ruby in the center of the screen, as well as an icon that, when pressed, displayed the following text in large letters: I am rich, I deserve it, I am good, healthy, and successful. But how much did Heinrich make out of this mobile application in 2008?

In 2008, the I Am Rich app sold for $999.99 on the App Store. It received 8 downloads and only displayed an image of a gemstone with no other functionality.

How Exactly Did Armin Heinrich Sell His Application?

Eight people purchased the app, at least one of whom claimed to have done so by accident. Six sales in the United States for $999.99 and two in Europe for €799.99 netted developer Armin Heinrich $5,600 and Apple $2,400. Heinrich told the Los Angeles Times that Apple had refunded two purchasers of his app and that he was relieved not to have dissatisfied customers. (Source: Business Insider)

Why Did Apple Remove the “I Am Rich” App from the App Store?

Apple removed I Am Rich from the App Store following a backlash over the app’s exorbitant price and complete lack of utility. It was made as a joke, according to its creator, Armin Heinrich, a German developer.

I discovered that some iPhone app users are dissatisfied with prices that exceed 99 cents. It’s art in my opinion. I didn’t expect many people to buy it, nor did I expect such a big deal about it.

Armin Heinrich, German Developer

(Source: Cult of Mac)

Is There a Similar App to the “I Am Rich” App?

Heinrich released I Am Rich LE the following year for $9.99. I Am Rich LE had more features than the original. It had a calculator and a “help system” in addition to the mantra mentioned above.

Mike DG created an app called I Am Richer in 2009, which was published in the Google Play store. The app cost $200 to download. I Am Rich by DotNet Nuzzi debuted in the Windows Phone Marketplace in 2010, with a price tag of $499.99. (Source: Insane Lab)

What is the Most Expensive Application in the Apple Store Today?

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