65% of Staten Island voted to secede from the rest of New York City in 1993, only to have their efforts blocked by the State Assembly

Partition and secession in New York

The “Greater City” exists as a result of actions of the New York State Legislature, and, as such, could be reduced in size by the same mechanism. A non-binding referendum in the borough of Staten Island was held in 1993 to consider whether it should be allowed to secede from the City. The New York City government and Mayor David Dinkins opposed the vote, contending that the referendum should not be permitted by the state unless the city issued a home rule message supporting it, which the city would not. Governor Mario Cuomo disagreed, and the vote went forward. Ultimately, 65% of Staten Island residents voted to secede, through the approval of a new city charter making Staten Island an independent city, but implementation was blocked i… Continue Reading (2 minute read)

14 thoughts on “65% of Staten Island voted to secede from the rest of New York City in 1993, only to have their efforts blocked by the State Assembly”

  1. Jubjub0527

    I feel like if there was a borough in NY that would fight the rest of NY it would definitely by Staten Island.

  2. BeautifulVictory

    It should be noted that after this vote that Staten Island got benefits as well as the rest of the city. Besides closing the landfill and making the ferry free there was also the benefit of free transfers from bus to bus and bus to subway. Though there were talks about seceding again it was a joke, Staten Island gets a lot of benefits from being a part of the city and I feel like there aren’t big problems that aren’t being listened to by the city.

  3. Legitimate_Mousse_29

    LA is also kind of like this. In order to get access to the main water supply you have to join the county the city controls, so its become this one massive county instead of multiple smaller ones. But there are all sorts of small sub cities within the county.

    Its confusing as hell.

  4. milespudgehalter

    Staten Islander here. They appeased us by making the ferry to Manhattan free and closing our landfill. *Personally*, as a non-stereotypical Staten Islander, I feel like we would be better off as part of New Jersey so that we had viable transit links to Metropark and Newark/JC, and rebranded ourselves as a bedroom suburb of those areas instead of forcing people to endure the painful commute via Ferry or express bus to Manhattan. But we lost some race in the 1600s so that’ll never happen, and we’ll continue to be NYC’s joke for another century.

  5. happywop

    OK, as a non New york or New Jersey resident, what with all the shade thrown at staten island? Even comedians use it as a punch line! what gives?

  6. inexcess

    If you look at a map, it really should be a part of Jersey.

  7. HalonaBlowhole

    The big issue about seccession was the Fresh Kills Landfill:

    >>The landfill opened in 1948 as a temporary landfill, but by 1955 it became the largest landfill in the world,[2] and it remained so until its closure in 2001. At the peak of its operation, in 1986, Fresh Kills received 29,000 tons of residential waste per day, playing a key part in the New York City waste management system.[3] From 1991 until its closing it was the only landfill to accept New York City’s residential waste.[4] It consists of four mounds which range in height from 90 to about 225 feet (30 to about 70 m) and hold about 150 million tons of solid waste. The archaeologist Martin Jones characterizes it as “among the largest man-made structures in the history of the world.”[5][6][7][8]

    One of the largest cities in the world, and Staten Island got to take all the solid waste from it for over fifty years.

  8. 314159265358979326

    Unilateral secession is always *so* successful.


  9. trixany

    if only it had been successful……. as a new yorker, we dont claim them!!!

  10. heres-to-life

    Ey, I’m SECEDIN here!

  11. MotherofChoad

    I was raised on Staten Island and I remember doing current events articles from the SI advance about it in 4th grade. The island was literally done with having the worlds largest dump as well as other issues

  12. IJustWorkHere000c

    The colonies: we are seceding.

    England: no.

    The colonies: ok

  13. nowhereman136

    They better be their own state because NJ won’t take them

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