Over 80% of the losses by Bernie Madoff’s victims were recovered.

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“MVF is delighted to be able to bring recoveries for more than 30,000 Madoff victims to slightly over 80% — a milestone we have worked long and hard to achieve. This is MVF’s sixth distribution overall, and our second during the global pandemic. Every distribution to the Madoff victims is important, but we are really thrilled to be able to deliver a recovery of more than 80 percent to over 30,000 victims. We are all thankful that we could get it done in the middle of Covid-19, and that these checks will be delivered at this time of traditional joy and glad tidings. We believe this percentage recovery on such a scale is an historic result for victims all over the world.”Continue Reading (8 minute read)

11 thoughts on “Over 80% of the losses by Bernie Madoff’s victims were recovered.”

  1. BigBobby2016

    It seems to be true. They got the money back from people who withdrew from the fund prior to it going bankrupt.

    It seems a tough claim to be honest, as both the people suing and the people being sued believed in the fund the same.

  2. ClownfishSoup

    Losing 20% of 65 BILLION is a hell of a lot.

  3. SirfartPoop

    That’s insane. I didn’t think they would recover that much.

  4. Vergenbuurg

    Did that one guy that invented the iToilet app get his money back?

  5. Jace_is_Unbanned

    He just died. Wow.

  6. laxmia12

    The only difference between Bernie Madoff and other Wall Streeters at the time was that he was dumb enough to admit his guilt (he actually thought he’d be given a suspended sentence and allowed to keep some of his wealth) and he didn’t buy politicians. The others that ran Bears Sterns, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch into the ground caused far more damage but they were much more astute to walk away with their pot of gold and no legal problems.

  7. Jacuul

    An important, if unrelated issue, to note is that if people want cryptocurrency to be a mainstay, this would have been impossible to claw-back. Sure being in-charge of your money is good, but it also greatly benefits con-artists with non-reversible transactions. They already threw him in jail, but there would be no way to recover the money short of him rolling over.

  8. haevy_mental

    Elie Weisel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, holocaust survivor, man who campaigned for forgiveness for nazies, was also scammed by Bernie Madoff and said that it was unforgivable.

  9. sleepydalek

    The victims I knew passed away before seeing any of this.

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