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Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl Started Foo Fighters as a Small Side Project After Kurt Kobain Died. When He was Asked About the Name of the Band, He was Not Really Pleased with His Choice.

David Eric Grohl is an American musician who founded the band Foo Fighters. He took on the role of singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter. Before this, he was the drummer of Nirvana from 1990 to 1994. But did you know that Dave Grohl was not too pleased with the name of his band?

During An interview, Dave Grohl revealed that he dislikes the name Foo Fighters. He said, “I might have named it something else if I had thought it would last more than a month and a half. It’s the most stupid band name ever.”

Who is Dave Grohl?

At the age of 10, musician Dave Grohl started his first band. Before going on stage with Nirvana, Kurt dropped out of high school to play with the extreme rock band Scream. Nirvana eventually became a global sensation. After singer Kurt Cobain’s death, Grohl formed a commercially successful alternative band, the Foo Fighters.

On January 14, 1969, David Eric Grohl was born in Warren, Ohio. Grohl has established himself as one of the most influential musicians in rock today, first as the drummer in Nirvana and later as the frontman for the Foo Fighters. He relocated to Virginia when he was three years old, leaving Ohio. He was the son of a journalist and an English teacher, and after his parents were divorced when he was six, he moved in with his mother and elder sister, Lisa.

Early on, Grohl became interested in music. Grohl began by learning the guitar at the age of ten, and H was born. The G. Hancock Band and a pal. Soon later, one of his relatives introduced him to punk rock. He started consuming marijuana and played in several punk bands throughout high school. After quitting his junior year, he joined the hardcore band Scream in Washington, DC. Grohl performed with the group on three of their albums and went on several of their tours. (Source: Biography)

Dave Grohl in Nirvana

Grohl caught up with the Melvins, a punk band, while on tour. Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic from Nirvana were the first musicians he ever saw backstage at a Melvins performance in 1990. Although Grohl didn’t speak with his future bandmates that evening, Buzz Osbourne of the Melvins allowed him to try out for Nirvana later that year. Grohl made the trip to Seattle to replace the band’s drummer. After hearing him perform for them, Cobain and Novoselic agreed he would make a fantastic addition to their band.

He was a hard hitter, so bright, so hot, so vital.

Krist Novoselic, Nirvana

Grohl first resided with Cobain after joining the band. Around this time, he was also dating Jennifer Finch, a member of the all-female alternative band L7. The major labels expressed interest in Nirvana quickly and offered contracts with sizable advances. (Source: Biography)

Dave Grohl in The Foo Fighters

Grohl founded the Foo Fighters after Nirvana. He initially performed all the instruments and sang all the vocals for the group’s 1995 self-titled first album, using songs he had written while still a member of Nirvana. The album received favorable reviews and gave rise to two modern rock songs.

This is A Call, I’ll Stick Around, Big Me, and other songs charted at the top. Grohl was joined on the road by guitarist Pat Smear, bassist Nate Mendel, and drummer William Goldsmith. (Source: Biography)

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