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Ramon Sosa

Why Did Ramon Sosa Fake His Own Death?

Ramon Sosa is a successful businessman and former professional boxer in the United States.  He has competed in over 100 amateur fights and also ran two gyms in Houston, Texas. While his life may seem fine from our point of view, there are secrets in his marriage that would shake you to the core. In order to survive, Sosa needed to fake his own death.

Ramon Sosa’s ex-wife wanted to have him murdered.  The former boxer staged his own death to bring her to justice. He went undercover to catch the person who wanted him dead.

What is the Story Behind Ramon Sosa’s Fake Death?

Sosa’s first marriage ended in divorce in 2000. He met Lulu a few years later and they quickly fell in love. The couple married in March 2009 after a whirlwind romance. Things were going well for them at first; they were madly in love and had even opened another gym together in 2010. Lulu became a trainer and handles the finances. However, about six years into their marriage, things began to fall apart.

Lulu had accused Sosa of being physically abusive, which Sosa constantly denied. Lulu then hired a divorce attorney in March 2015, and the divorce proceedings began. They continued to live in the same house, albeit on different floors, even though they were legally separated. A friend of Sosa’s named Mundo overheard a conversation between Lulu and her daughter about hiring an assassin to get rid of Sosa sometime in 2015.

When Mundo confronted her, she told him that Sosa had been physically abusing her and wanted him to disappear because she couldn’t take it any longer. Mundo told her he would hire the hitman himself to protect his friend, later disclosing his wife’s plans to Sosa.(Source: CBS News)

The Counter-Punch Setup of Ramon Sosa

When Sosa and Mundo went to the cops with this information, they were told they couldn’t do anything because these were just conversations. As a result, the friends took matters into their own hands and devised a risky but brilliant plan to save him.

Sosa was well aware that Lulu wanted him dead because if he died after the divorce was finalized, she would not receive the money Sosa had saved for his retirement. They purchased two burner phones, and he acted the part of the hitman hired to kill him. Mundo would tell Lulu about his conversations with the hitman.

They went to the police after Lulu gave Mundo money as part of the payment for the gun used to murder Sosa. The authorities were taken aback, but they wanted to continue the investigation to ensure they had a solid case against Lulu. Lulu met with an undercover officer posing as a hitman on July 20, 2015, and paid him with money, jewelry, and watches to have Sosa killed. The cops went one step further by fabricating Sosa’s death. They staged a scene in which Sosa had a bullet wound in his head and pretended to be dead.

On July 23, a second meeting was scheduled, and after Lulu confirmed Sosa’s death by looking at the photo, she made another payment. She was arrested and charged with solicitation of capital murder the next day. 
Sosa and Lulu’s divorce was also finalized, with Sosa receiving custody of the gym and the house. Lulu pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of second-degree solicitation of murder in October 2016 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. (Source: CBS News)

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