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How Did A Californian Man Get His Debt Under Control By Eating at Six Flags?

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a 262-acre amusement park in Valencia, California. It is located 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and is a popular attraction in the State. Did you know that a man spent seven years eating at this amusement park?

Over the course of seven years, a man named Dylan ate over 2000 meals at Six Flags Magic Mountain by purchasing an annual unlimited meals pass for $150. He was able to cut on food expenses and eventually pay off a debt because of this.

Two Thousand Meals at Six Flags

Dylan, a California man, paid off his debt with a rather odd scheme. He cut his food budget by spending $150 on unlimited meals for a year at Six Flags Magic Mountain. According to Mel Magazine, the man received two meals per day, paid off his debt, saved for a wedding, and was even able to purchase a home in Los Angeles.

You can pay around $150 for unlimited, year-round access to Six Flags, which includes parking and two meals a day. If you time it right, you could eat both lunch and dinner there every day.


According to the report, Six Flags offered a premium season dining pass that entitles holders to lunch and dinner items and a snack. This also included unlimited drinks on any regular operating day. Alcoholic beverages are not included.

Dylan began saving in 2014 when he purchased his first premium pass. He claims to have eaten about 2,000 meals there since then. The cost per sitting is approximately 50 cents per meal.

That entire first year, I don’t think I ever went to the grocery store. I timed it so I was able to go there during my lunch break, go back to work, then stop back for dinner on my way home.


He stated that at first, all of the meals were not exactly healthy options, but that has changed over time.

Still a lot of bad food, I mean it’s theme park food so you can’t expect too much from them. But you find the options that aren’t terrible stuff like tri-tip sandwiches and vegan options like black bean burgers and meatless meatball subs.


Today, he says he only goes to Six Flags three or four times a week now that he’s married, and would only go there at lunchtime. (Source: Toronto Sun)

Did Six Flags End the Viral Unlimited Dining Plan?

The dining plan went viral after people revealed how much money they saved by using it. One of the stories was about Dylan, who used the dining plan to pay off his student loans and buy a house.

The Sun reported that Six Flags officials claimed that the viral stories about the plan had no impact on the theme park’s decision to change the dining plan.

We believe there is no better value than a visit to Six Flags and continuously look at ways to improve our product offerings with the goal of elevating the guest experience. Based on guest feedback, we recently launched a simplified pass program that better aligns with those preferences, including add-ons like the dining pass.

Six Flags Officials

(Source: Audacy)

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