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Which Former British Royal was Supposed to Star in the Sequel of The Bodyguard?

In one of his interviews, Kevin Costner revealed that he offered a role to a former British Royalty for the sequel of his hit film The Bodyguard. But which former British Royal was he referring to? 

Princess Diana decided to act in ‘The Bodyguard 2’ when Kevin Costner approached her. The plot revolved around a princess who needed to be protected from paparazzi and stalkers. The script’s first draft arrived the day before she passed away.

Princess Diana in The Bodyguard Sequel

Kevin Costner, an American actor, producer, and director has stated that the late Princess of Wales was due to act opposite him in a sequel to 1992 hit The Bodyguard. In the supposed sequel Costner portrayed an agent ordered to protect Princess Diana from the paparazzi. Costner stated that he, Diana, and the producers were all excited to start the movie.

The studio liked the idea of doing a Bodyguard 2, with Diana taking on a role in the same kind of capacity as Whitney. Nobody knew that for about a year.

Kevin Costner, Actor

Costner initially spoke about the movie in 2012, revealing that his character would have to shield Diana from stalkers and paparazzi before their connection became amorous. He claimed that the project’s first script came to his desk just before Diana was killed in an accident on August 31, 1997. Costner even recalls discussing the project with Diana, particularly the possibilities of intimate scenes.

I just remember her being incredibly sweet on the phone, and she asked the question, “Are we going to have, like, a kissing scene?” She said it in a very respectful way. She was a little nervous because her life was very governed. And I said, “Yeah, there’s going to be a little bit of that, but we can make that OK too.”

Kevin Costner, Actor

According to Costner, Sarah Ferguson was the one who started the talks with the late Princess.

Sarah was extremely crucial. I have a lot of respect for Sarah because she was the one who initiated the dialogue between Diana and me. And she never asked, ‘How about me?’ ‘I’m a princess, too.’ She was so enthusiastic about the idea.

Kevin Costner, Actor

Unfortunately, the plans to film the sequel did not push through. In an interview on Good Morning America, Costner calls the film the sequel that never was. (Source: The Guardian

How Well Did The Bodyguard Do in the Box Office? 

The Bodyguard was the second-highest-grossing film of 1992. The film collected $411 million, and its soundtrack remains the best-selling of all time, with about 45 million copies sold. Whitney Houston made her acting debut in the film. 
In the film, before Costner and Houston fall in love, he plays a former Secret Service agent employed to protect her. The critically planned film was adapted into a stage musical in 2012, still performing in London’s West End. (Source: The Guardian)

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