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How was Jerry Seinfeld Involved in Frank Sinatra’s Death?

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld created the American sitcom television series Seinfeld. 

From July 5, 1989, to May 14, 1998, it aired on NBC and was a hit that received various awards including the Golden Globe Award for the Best Television Series in 1994. Curiously, the show had an odd connection with Frank Sinatra’s passing. 

Frank Sinatra died the night of Seinfeld’s finale, and his ambulance arrived at the hospital in record time because the traffic was so light. This was because everyone was at home watching the finale.

The Seinfeld Finale and Frank Sinatra’s Passing

The Seinfeld finale was on the night Frank Sinatra died. The two-hour spectacle of two back-to-back episodes, The Chronicle and The Finale, was airing on the west coast stream at the exact time an ambulance was speeding through Los Angeles on its way to Sinatra’s house. The ambulance was able to reach the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in record time because traffic was virtually non-existent. Everyone was at home, watching the finale. But even when the ambulance got to the hospital at around 9 PM, the physicians were unsuccessful in bringing him back.

Barbara, Sinatra’s wife, was by his side the whole time. According to her, his final words were I’m losing. Whether or whether his children were present by his deathbed is still disputed. 

According to some stories, Barbara did not inform his children that Sinatra had been admitted to the hospital. According to his daughter Tina, she received a call from Rex Kennamer at 11:10 PM telling her of his death. She called Nancy, and they drove to the hospital. (Source: Groovy History)

The Tragic Loss of an Icon

Sinatra’s death led to an outpouring of grief from fans as well as friends. People from all walks of life paid their respect to the American singer and actor. 

Frank Sinatra was the twentieth century, he was modern, he was complex, he had swing and he had attitude. He was the boss but he was always Frank Sinatra. We won’t see his like again.

Paul David Hewson 

Even former President Bill Clinton addressed reporters about Sinatra’s death.

 I think every American would have to smile and say he really did it his way.

Bill Clinton

The lights on the Empire State Building were turned blue for him, and the lights on the Las Vegas Strip were turned down. The casinos also came to a halt for a moment. (Source: Groovy History)

Frank Sinatra’s Funeral in Beverly Hills

Six days after his passing, his funeral was held at Beverly Hills’ Church of the Good Shepherd. There were 400 people inside the church and thousands more outside during the service. Frank Sinatra’s son, Frank Jr., Gregory Peck, and Tony Bennett spoke during the service. They played Put Your Dreams Away at the end of the service. 

He was buried in a blue business suit with a bottle of Jack Daniels, a pack of Camels, a zippo, and a roll of dimes, among other mementos, at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City under a gravestone that reads The best is yet to come, which was also the last song he ever performed live, at his final concert in 1995, at the Palm Desert Marriott Ballroom in California. (Source: Groovy History)

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