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How Many Michelin Stars Does Gordon Ramsay Have?

Gordon Ramsay is famous for his shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. But aside from being a feisty judge and chef on these shows, he is also the owner of several highly acclaimed restaurants. But did you know he is one of the few chefs who have more than one?

Gordon Ramsay, the famous restauranteur, and tv personality, had 16 Michelin Stars throughout his career. Unfortunately, he only holds seven of them today.

What Does a Michelin Star Mean?

The Michelin brand may sound familiar, and that’s because they are globally recognized for their tires. But the French company is also famous for its annual Michelin Guide. The guide dates back to the 1900s when Michelin encouraged drivers to go on trips to local attractions. The guide included a series of anonymous European restaurant reviews. The reviews focused on the quality, flavor, and personality of the food served. In addition to this, culinary mastery and technique were also taken into consideration. It was only in 2005 when US restaurants were eligible to earn Michelin Stars.

Today Michelin stars are considered hallmarks of fine dining. It is not easy to obtain these stars. Michelin only awards these to the very best in the city. Recipients of the award gain so much prestige and honor that their businesses boom after receiving their star. (Source: Diced)

How Are Michelin Stars Awarded?

A Michelin star is a badge of honor, and a restaurant can get 1 to 3 of them at a time. Having three would be the highest honor, of course. But how is this rated? The method of awarding the star is quite simple. They follow the following system:

One Star: The restaurant is rated as very good in its category, having a great menu and prepares the cuisine to a high standard.

Two Stars: The restaurant has excellent cuisine that is delivered in a unique way. In addition, the restaurant would have something exceptional to offer. It would considered worth the detour while you are visiting the city.

Three Stars: The restaurant has exceptional cuisine and is worth a special journey. This means you would actually visit the city just to eat at this restaurant. This restaurant serves distinct dishes that are executed to perfection.

Michelin inspectors are anonymous, and they have a keen eye for detail. The selected inspectors are prohibited from speaking with journalists and must keep their line of work secret. When they visit a restaurant, they write a comprehensive report about their experience and the quality of food served to them. (Source: Diced)

Did Gordon Ramsey Lose His Stars?

It is challenging to get a Michelin star, and not many chefs manage to get more than one. This is why it is absolutely remarkable that some chefs can attain as much as Gordon Ramsay has. Ramsay, a British chef, TV personality, and restauranteur, has been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total throughout his tenure as a chef.

Ramsey earned his first two Michelin stars while he was working Aubergine in London. He went on to earn several more through the course of his career. Today he only holds seven Michelin stars, and as per the Michelin Guide director, Michael Ellis, Ramsay’s dishes were not consistent.

I started crying when I lost my stars. It’s a very emotional for any chef. It’s like losing a girlfriend. You want to win her back.

Gordon Ramsay

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