Meet professional “fired men” that were used as department store scapegoats who were fired several times a day to please costumers who were disgruntled about some error

Fact-Checking Steve Jobs: Was “The Customer Is Always Right” Really Coined by a Customer?

In the new movie Steve Jobs, written by Aaron Sorkin, a nonbeliever questions the Apple guru’s wisdom by reminding him of the saying “the customer is always right.” Jobs, played by Michael Fassbender, shoots back, “I guarantee whoever said ‘the customer is always right’ was a customer.” Was “the customer is always right” really coined by a customer?

Probably not. It’s not 100-percent clear who first said the phrase “the customer is always right,” but there’s little doubt who popularized it. The earliest known mention of the motto “the customer is always right” attributes it to Marshall Field, the founder of the famous chain of Chicago department stores that bore his name. Appearing in the Boston Sunday Herald and then the Boston Daily G… Continue Reading