Dessert stomach is a real thing, your gut expands upon contact with sugar and therefore makes room for dessert even after having the feeling of being full.

So, There’s A Scientific Reason Why We Always Have Room For Dessert

Dessert stomach. We’ve all experienced this gustatory sensation. It only happens every damned time we eat a meal. It’s basically part of the human condition.

You eat a delicious, satisfying dinner, feel full to the brim, but when the beautiful question ‘Should we get dessert?’ comes around, it’s always a yes — much to our stomach’s dismay afterwards.

It’s true, we always have room for desserts, whether we indulge that sensation with dessert or not (kudos if you have the willpower). But why exactly does this happen?

According to Russell Keast — a professor in sensory and food science and the director of the Centre for Advanced Sensory Science at Deakin University — there’s a scientific reason for the phenomenon called sensory … Continue Reading